Symptom Advisor & Medical Library

When your child is sick, you have questions. The symptom advisor and medical library can give you a better understanding of your child's condition and/or symptoms and guide you in seeking treatment. Select from over 100 symptoms to read more about managing your child's illness. Kennesaw Pediatrics provides this reference guide for parents as an educational resource and general reference for Pediatric health topics. Please consult your doctor immediately when healthcare issues arise and use this information only as a reference.


Additional Resources

The following websites provide reliable information on pediatric topics.

Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta

American Academy of Pediatrics

Center For Disease Control

National Network for Immunization

Immunization Action Coalition

NYU Child Study Center

National Institute of Mental Health: Numerous topics including eating disorders and depression

A Healthy Me

Zero To Three

Dr. Greene

Discovery Health: Teen Center

Discovery Health: Pregnancy and Parenting

Department of Health and Human Services: Food, nutrition and weight management for children and teens. Body Mass
Index Calculator. Interactive games and trivia for kids. Fun, informative site for all ages.

Division of nutrition, physical activity and obesity

Mayo Clinic: Infant and Toddler Health

Mayo Clinic: First Aid

Kerri L. Golding LCSW: Child, Adolescent and Adult Therapist. Behavioral and Mental Health Topics including: ADHD,
Grief, Divorce, Bullying, Self Esteem, Substance Abuse

Allergy Prevention in Children

Immunization Information

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