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Today Caroline saw Dr. Levine for the first time. My husband and I have our favorite doctors there, like Dr. Brugner, Dr. Sarah, Dr. Pete, but Caroline has never been more comfortable with anyone than Dr. Levine. She RARELY speaks to anyone there because of fear of what might be in store for her. But today was totally different! (And I have a great photo I`d love to share for your gallery...just let me know how to send it!) Caroline initiated conversation with Dr. L, she hopped right up on the table and pulled her shirt up to let Dr. L listen, she took deep breaths, opened her mouth without being asked, and even pushed her hair aside for Dr. L to look in her ears...I`m telling you this was truly amazing! So, please let Dr. Levine know that we appreciate it and look forward to another pleasant experience when necessary...Oh...and to all the other doctors, WE STILL LOVE YOU TOO! Many thanks!
by parent feedback 3-30-2011
Awesome Pediatric Office I am so thankful for this office, staff and Dr. Long. You guys are always available. Even on a Sunday when people are resting from a long week. You guys are there working to provide great and quick service for the sick children. Not only are you providing great service, you are doing it with a smile. Thank you so much for your hard work and awesome service. My girls do not mind going to the doctors. They love the waiting area toys and the staff. Thanks again for all you do.
by motherof22011. 3-21-2100
 I switched to this office when my son was 6 months old because the other peds we used were rude, insensitive, and uninformative. But now I would not take my child to any other doctors office. I drive over 30 miles to use this practice and do not mind one bit. The office is so nice and amazing for kids. The decor is awesome! Everyone we have encountered at this practice are amazing! From the front desk staff, to the nurses and doctors, everyone makes you feel like you are part of a family, not just another patient! There are so many good things to say about this practice, try them out, you won`t regret it!
by Lmom. 2/24/2011

 EXCELLENT STAFF AND DOCTORS Kennesaw Pediatrics is a great practice in the Kennesaw area. Have liked all the doctors we have interacted with and had a very good overall experience. their website is www.kennesawpediatrics. They give office tours where us meet a doc and chat with them. We are are very pleased with them and would not consider changing docs. They are very high tech, but still personable and caring. Very kids friendly, separate sick/well/newborn rooms and even have online access to the office 24/7. We have even gotten a phone call from our doctor "just to check up and see how our son was doing". Now that was IMPRESSIVE.
by KsawMom,, 1/29/2011

 Great place to take your children! Switched to Kennesaw Pediatrics after being a patient of Kenmar for 10 years. Because I was frustrated that I could never get a same day appt, calls were not returned in a timely manner, and could never see my doctor, and wait times were horrendous, we decided to switch to Kennesaw Pediatrics. I don`t regret it for a second. Can always get an appointment. They even have sick visit appts of Sat and Sun, which is great if you need it. Office is clean, staff and doctors are friendly, records are computerized, prescriptions are faxed directly to pharmacy. TVs in patient rooms which makes any wait time bearable. Had to call after hours for an emergency and that was handled very efficiently too. That about sums up this well run pediatric practice! February 09, 2011
by KJ. Insider 2/9/2011

 First Time Parents-This is your group! As first time parents, we had no clue. KennPeds doctors helped us get to the source of our infant`s problems: colic AND reflux. Our poor baby! But, with patience and perseverance, Dr. Strauss worked with us to figure it out. He is professional, answers all your questions, is a great educator (explains things so you can understand in layman terms but doesn`t make you feel less than him), and truly loves kids. We visited the office before our baby was born (which we suggest so you can get all of your questions answered--vaccines, etc. It`s a free meeting.) When our baby was born, it was great already knowing the doctors when they came to check our newborn. With as many concerns and questions we have at every visit, we`ve never been looked at as crazy or annoying. They just answer our questions. With all the reflux and colic (and little viruses) these past 15 months, we`ve met every doctor at the practice and I`d trust our baby (well, now toddler) with any of them. Couldn`t have found a better group. (Also, we are on an alternate vaccine schedule by choice and they are okay with that. We prefer to pace them out instead of all at once and they let you do that.)
by 2008floridagirl, 2-22-2011

 I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Sarah. She gives parents all the information needed with each visit. I have a 3yr old and a 4m old. She is so patient and gentle with my children. I feel the supporting staff is exceptional. Keep up the great team work. Thank you for your care.
by submitted to KP as parent feedback on 2/25/2011

 Fantastic Pediatrician! I have used Kennesaw Pediatrics for my 2 children for 7 years now and love everything about the practice! It`s clean, professional, wait time is minimal, and appointments for well and sick visits are easy to get. This month Dr. Long actually saved my son from unnecessary pain and suffering twiceonce due to a concussion and next due to outpt surgery recovery. My son was seen in other settings first, and both times I took him to see Dr. Long because he wasn`t getting better. Dr. Long diagnosed additional issues, and my son was feeling great within 24 hours! All of the doctors and staff are wonderful!
by kellykristine,, 2/9/2011

 The BEST gruop of doctors!!! I have been going to Kennesaw Pediatrics for 11 years. Dr. Long is my doctor of choice because he makes my kids and i feel so comfortable to talk about all our concerns. I have moved away from Kennesaw but still make the drive back every time my kids need care. Love them!!!
by Boxerlover69,, 1/29/2011

 Trust them! Dr. Brugner is awesome! We have been going here 2 years since our son was born and have never been treated so well. The place is cutting edge and the doctors are the best around. I WILL not go anywhere else
by rdawg2527,, 1/27/2011

 Great Doctors! Wonderful doctors! Dr. Brugner is the best! After researching many dr`s offices in the area this one is by far the best. They are caring and really get to know your child. Lobby is great too, it has fish and trains! What more can a child ask for?
by melbrad97,, 7/2/2010

 Best Office I have experienced: Staff and Docs Being the mother of 3 boys under the age of eight keeps me busy and often at the pediatricians. I can`t praise this office enough. The front desk staff is always friendly and helpful. The nurses and doctors take time with you and are easy to talk with when your a `nervous mom`. We have moved around abit over the years and been to many different offices. We are so grateful to have found this one. You would have to go out of your way NOT to have a good experience with these folks. I recommend them highly!
by LHawkins,, 7/4/2010

 Best Pediatric Practice in the Atlanta Area! If you`re looking for quality care and a top notch practice, then you have came to the right place. They have very convenient hours, seven days a week to treat your sick kids. All of my children go there and I have always been very pleased with the qualify of care they have received with the nurses and doctors. The front desk is very friendly and never tries to rush you along. Filling out the new patient paper work online is a breeze and makes the first appointment go very smooth. Kennesaw Pediatrics is the third practice my children have been to and I can promise you this is the best!
by jessrs,, 7/31/2010

  It always makes me laugh at how much my daughters actually LOOK FORWARD to go to the doctor! (you`d think we were there for a playdate) What a wonderful and wecoming waiting room, knowledgeable staff, and caring doctors! We have been coming there for a little over 4 years now, and I only have positive things to say about Kennesaw Pediatrics. I truely feel blessed to have you caring for my children
by parent feedback 8-28-2010

 Dr. Brugner is amazing! She is very thorough and takes a real interest in her patients. I am so thankful to have her as my twins` doctor.
by parent feedback 9-17-10

 I usually do not take the time to praise services with any provider, but I have to send kudos to Kennesaw Pediatrics. We called at 8:00 on Thursday and were seen by Dr. Long at 8:30 with a mysterious pain in my son`s hand. Dr. Long was informative and caring in diagnosing Cellulitis. He wanted to see us the next morning to follow-up the progress or changes. I called three times throughout the day and talked with office staff about my concerns. The front office and nurses on call were very patient and helpful. We saw Dr. Sarah on Saturday morning at 8:30. This was our first experience with her and my 7 year old and I were very impressed. She was professional, knowledgeable and put my fears at ease. The final icing on the cake was a call that I received directly from Dr. Sarah Monday morning checking to see if my son was alright. We have always been pleased with Kennesaw Pediatrics, but I just wanted to take the time to share what a wonderful (other my son`s injury) ex perience we had from every person we encountered in the office. Thank you
by parent feedback 10-11-2010

 You will not find a better pediatric office in town. We have three children and have been patients for several years. Dr. Long and Dr. Brugner have become part of our family. We have one child with special needs and Dr. Brugner has not only listened to our concerns and addressed them directly but also made recommendations for assistance and therapy we would never have thought of or known of. My children love the office. The atmosphere is kid centric and fun. The kids also know they get a popsicle at the end of each visit - a huge perk to those who have to get shots! I recommend his pratice above and beyond any other. We have been with KenPeds from newborn to pre-teen stages with our kids and every question and concern has been addressed above our expectations. They are always my first point of reference anytime I have a medical question and the staff is always happy to help, not annoyed like other offices we have been to. The very best in medical child care!
by asabourin on 10/27/2009, YELLOWPAGES.COM

 You Can`t Ask For Better This practice`s doctors have been taking care of our little one since day one and we can`t imagine being more happy with a pediatrician. This is truly one of those rareties where every doctor in the practice is exceptional.
by alpha3760, 12/21/2009,

 Weekend hours for flu season How`s that for caring for your patients and wanting to keep them out of emergency room waiting rooms. Also early good supply available of both seasonal and H1N1 vaccines with convenient hours to bring kids in after work for the vaccine. They`ve taken care of my kids from the beginning. I followed Dr. Long over there from East Cobb Peds and have been Very pleased with all services. by jass131313,1/1/2010,
by jass131313,1/1/2010,

 WOW!! I just wanted to share .. Chloe is a patient of Kennesaw Pediatrics, which we love. We have always had good experiences there. Today we saw Dr. Babu and it was an amazing experience. Chloe, I am sure, is the typical child who hates "the table" because good things rarely happen there. Other doctors would walk in, cut off the movie, and mainly address us. Then, we would have to put Chloe on the table and hold her. Well, Dr. Babu left the movie on (Nemo) and addressed Chloe. She sat beside us in her chair and got to know Chloe on Chloe`s level. She allowed Chloe to touch her as well as touch her instruments. When Chloe would get upset and anxious, she would point to the movie and talk to her about it. She checked Chloe out while Chloe was sitting in my lap, not on the table. We had to get on the table once so that her ears could be checked. And through it all, Dr. Babu really worked and making Chloe feel safe and comfortable with her. She also believes in Chicken Noodle Soup :) hahah Honestly, she is truly wonderful!! I HIGHLY recommend her, though ALL of the Doctors there are out of this world wonderful!! by amyc121173, 3/5/2010
by amyc121173 3/5/2010

  Fantastic Practice!!! We absolutely LOVE Kennesaw Pediatrics. We see Dr. Long(who is amazing) but everyone that I have interacted with at the practice is great. For our comfort, they have begun weekend hours during the winter months (even on Sunday) and Dr. Long has even stayed late to see my daughter. They truly care about their patients and KP is one of the few Doctor`s offices where I have experienced superb customer service. They get two thumbs up from me!! Posted on 12/17/2009
by sarabeth910 ,

 No Other Choice But KenPeds We have three daughters and have been patients of Kennesaw Pediatrics for seven years. I have always had the utmost respect for the doctors and nurses at the practice. They are kid-friendly, attentive, sensitive and they listen. When my oldest had chicken pox Dr. Long called us on the weekend to check on her. Who does that these days? Kennesaw Pediatrics doctors -that`s who! Not only is their office exciting visually for children, but the entire staff always goes above and beyond to make your experience just as pleasant as the paintings on the walls. Even when they bring "substitute" doctors in to cover vacations those doctors are stellar. You will not find a doctor with this level of service any where else.
by "asabourin" 10/27/09

 Awesome Pediatrician Office I have 4 children - including a child with a complicated medical history. We switched to Kennesaw Pediatrics a few years ago, and I was nervous about seeing new doctors given my son`s history. I have absolutely loved every doctor and have been very impressed with the quality of care each time we go. They have handled simple injuries, asthma issues, well visits, international adoption issues, food allergies, illnesses, hospital referrals, insect bite reactions and more with the utmost professionalism. Every staff member has always had a smile and we are also treated like we are the most important patient there. The atmosphere is very kid friendly, and it is obvious a lot of time, effort, money and talent went into making patients and their parents feel welcome and comfortable.
by hotfudge,,9/27/09

 You Will NOT Be Disappointed. I have every good thing to say in the world about Dr. Long and the practice he runs. My wife Hannah started working there just after we got married (a little over two years) and the first thing I noticed was how well the employees are taken care of at KP. As a spouse of an employee, I`ve attended several KP Family Nights where I`ve had a chance to interact with the top notch staff Dr. Long has surrounded himself with. They`re all great people with a lot of care put into their work and while ensuring that each patient is treated with dignity. When our son Grant arrived, we were excited that we could bring him to see our friends at Kennesaw Pediatrics. He actually loves going to the pediatrician! It`s probably because everything from the exciting environment, to the loving nurses, on down to the fantastic doctors give Grant the attention he deserves. I don`t care if you have to drive 80 miles to Kennesaw... it`s worth it!
by jaqbaldwin,,10/6/09

 "We love Kennesaw Pediatrics. I especially like the newborn waiting room - completely separate room for babies 6 weeks and under. Dr. Brugner is warm, caring, so sweet! Knowledgeable staff. Made us feel comfortable from day one".
by TheAngelicKL 1/1/2009

 "We just moved to Kennensaw and looking for a pediatrician was not hard thanks to and reading the reviews. During my children`s first appt, I was pleased to see the staff was very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Thrower was very nice and she took her time with each child and did not make us feel rushed at all."
by Cobb34 1/30/2009

 "The staff and doctors are genuinely interested in my children and my concerns. They take plenty of time with us and are very thorough. I never feel rushed. I have always been able to see my primary pediatrician even for same day sick visits. I have such confidence in Kennesaw Pediatrics. Great Job".
by JanieD on 6/3/08

 "... My son has had a blood disease that was bringing us to their office every week. Every single visit reassures me that this is where my children belong. I could not be blessed with better care for my babies. This practice has gone through every up and down with me over the past 4 years. They are great guides and advisors with regard to your children`s health and the decisions YOU make for them. From ear tubes to vaccinations to simple cradle cap they can and will and do help. This practice has grown tremendously in a short period of time and yet I still see the same doctor as I did 4 years ago. Every service ( administrative & medical) provided by them is of the highest quality and I truly love them. Thank you all, Nurses and Docs...."
by Jenningsamon 8/25/08

 "Kennesaw Pediatrics is a very friendly practice. The staff is well organized and quick to answer all of my questions. Dr. Long is very friendly and personally sees that each child is taken care of".
by Pschutt 7/21/2008

 "The office is a pleasant fun filled experience from the minute you walk in the door. It is comforting how attentive/helpful the staff are. Everyone is so willing to help with whatever my child needs. If you want experience this is the peds office for you".
by missnrs 08/19/2008